Motherhood Sessions

"One day all your children will have is pictures of you.
Make sure you're in them.
No matter what your hair looks like, your makeup, or your body.
They won't can about any of that, they'll just want to see YOU."


Since becoming a Mother myself 7 years ago, I've felt a strong pull, an urge, a passion,
such intensity to want to document Motherhood it all it's forms. 
I want to see Mother's be proud of being in images with their children,
to give them a gift of personal, emotional, loving imagery that will be kept for a lifetime. 
Images that will be looked at, cried upon, talked about with fond memories. 
Images that become treasures, priceless, worth more than we can ever put a value to.

But I know, believe me, I truly know, that sometimes too many negative thoughts, insecurities, self doubt get in the way of these images.
We hold ourselves back, thinking we will wait until next year so we can loose some weight.
Or we put it off, thinking our skin is glowing like other Mother's,
or our teeth are the perfect shape or colour. 
But you know what.... NONE of that MATTERS. 
It really doesn't! 
When I go through photos of my Nan (who has since passed away),
I look at them because I want to remember.
I want to pour over them, looking at the laughter, the craziness, the fun times. 
And when I look at them, I see all that, I remember her smile, her soft dark tanned skin,
I hear her laughter and her strong dutch accent. 
And something that is in EVERY image I look at, 
That's right, no matter what she was wearing, no matter how grey her hair, or wrinkly her skin, 
the love that radiates from those images is priceless.
Worth every cent for the film that was bought and processed to receive images, 
Worth every dollar value for the outfits that were bought for professional photos. 
I love those images.
Why, because she wasn't afraid to be in them.
She was proud of the Mother and Grandmother she was. 
Yes, I'm sure she had insecurities, or doubts, or feeling unworthy. 
But, she chose to be in those images.
To document our time together, both in 'happy snaps' and 'professional photos'.

And for that I am FOREVER grateful. 


So, if you've read this far, thank you.
Thank you for reading, for listening, for wanting to hear my heart.

I want to be able to document your journey as a Mother.
I want to be able to give you something, that will be a life changing gift.
I want YOU to be PROUD of yourself!

- So here are the details -
Styling Consult for you and your babes
One hour session in the Studio
Minimum of 25 images on USB
(images will be in colour and black & white)


and a little surprise . . . for the first FIVE bookings I will include:
x2 Large Fine Art Prints

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